Things That Bring Me Joy Thursday: Day 1- Childhood Toys

I’m borrowing Mrs. Wolfie’s prompt: Toys… 

My favorite toys of my childhood were dolls. Lots and lots of dolls. I played baby dolls (Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy) with one friend

and Barbies with another. This is me when I was about 7 with my Miss Revlon doll. The next picture is a large baby doll that my grandmother gave me when I was 9 and in the hospital to have my tonsils out. Sixty years later I still have this doll and she is wearing a little knit outfit that both of my children wore when they were babies.


I had one of the original Barbies that came out in 1959, with the blond ponytail. You could she was a first edition by the holes in the bottoms of her feet to fit on a stand. Based on the numbers I’m seeing online, this Barbie is now worth over $10,000.


I had a Midge with a red bubble hair cut, and a Ken with the fuzzy hair.  My neighbor made dozens of beautiful clothing pieces for these dolls. When I was 14, my father forced me to get rid of all of my dolls, and I had to give them to my cousin. She trashed the dolls and clothing and then threw them away. They meant nothing to her, but the world to me. I was devastated.

After I grew up, I started collecting dolls to make up the ones I lost. I now have a reproduction of this original doll, and about 300 others. Here is just a few.


I also collection porcelain dolls and Cinderella dolls…



I have four American Girl Dolls

1aaAmerican Girl dolls_2324529767_o

And I often by dolls when I travel. These three I bought on a Caribbean cruise in 1992… from Aruba, Curacao and St. Thomas.

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