Nine Favorite Things

I haven’t done this for a while, so….

This may sound strange, but my first favorite is a ready to eat meal by Hormel. I absolutely love their macaroni and cheese. Because I can’t stand up for very long I need something that is easy to pop into the microwave. I’ve tried the frozen meals and then tend to always be watery. I’ve tried the mac and cheese cups, but they take three-four minutes (and my leg just can’t handle standing for that long) and always boil over. Hormel’s is perfect. It doesn’t require refrigeration and can be kept in the pantry. It just needs to be vented on the ends and then nuked for one minute and it’s the thickest, cheesiest, and creamiest macaroni and cheese, even more so than my own homemade. The one problem is that they are hard to find. My local Safeway never seems to have them and Amazon gets them periodically. Right now they are unavailable and that makes me incredibly sad. I’m heartbreaken.


I have no doubt that wearing facemasks will be with us for a while yet. So I love this idea of a matching mask and hat from Goblackkat. A little expensive for a cotton hat and mask, but I may just have to splurge on this. I found similar hat and mask, even more expensive at Lisa McFadden

I don’t watch a lot of TV, although I’m now watching much more news than before. But one TV show I like is “Snowpiercer”. I remembered the movie from 2013 and the TV series is similar.

It is Lavender Season where I live so I’m craving all things lavender… the tea bread that I posted early, lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream and lavender chicken…


Two new books from two of my favorite authors…

“Love and other Consolation Prizes” by Jamie Ford, who also wrote “The Corner of Bitter and Sweet”. His books all take place in Seattle in the International District.


And Kevin Kwan, who wrote “Crazy Rich Asians” is now out with “Sex and Vanity”.


Dare Whippet cookies. I am addicted to these things. There is something special about the mouthfeel of soft marshmallows… they are like s’mores, without the mess.


Because my computer desk faces huge windows facing east and the rising sun hits just right to blind me, I have a Japanese paper parasol propped up to protect me from the blinding sunshine. And it feels like I’m in my own little fort. I have two of these parasols.. a gold one that I’m using here and a green one, which I’ve had for 40 years.

After having to deal with a week without internet access, I really appreciate my desktop, laptop and cell phone.

And lastly, is watching three baby fawns frolicking in my front yard. The deer pretty much own the place.

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