Boost Your Intelligence


I try to do at least one of these every day, but usually do several..

I read several books every day, at least one or two chapters

I read several newspapers online

I watch very little TV, although lately I’m watching more news than normal. Except on weekends. Saturday I listen to music and Sunday I have silence.

I research and explore all kinds of topics

I try to write every day, either on my blog, a story or a journal

I’m on several word of the day apps

I share things I find

I take online classes… right now I’m learning Chinese language and relearning Japanese.

I talk to all kinds of people on social media, people on the blogs I follow and online forums of various topics

I play creative games on Facebook

I participate in productive hobbies such as genealogy, writing, crochet, cross stitch and other crafts

4 thoughts on “Boost Your Intelligence

  1. This is wonderful. I just love learning!! I’m learning Chinese currently. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I think I’ll add more to my daily routine 👍🏻


    1. I’m learning Japanese now.. or relearning after 50 years. I studied it in high school, but never was fluent. And I doubt I will now. But it’s fun to be learning something. Keeps the brain sharp.


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