Three Good Things

  1. Two steps closer to get oxygen therapy for the radiation ulcer on my leg. The doctor filled out the prescription and faxed it to the company. They called and said they will be sending us the supplies soon, and for free (would have cost us at least $50 a week just for the oxygen boot)… they asked us to beta test the product and document the results for their appeal to Medicare to cover the cost of this treatment for all patients. There are so many, especially elderly parents, who deal with these kinds of wound from diabetes, cancer or just tissue break down due to old age. So this was very good news!
  2. Day jammies. I have them in 8 different colors and have been wearing them since 2006, they were really helpful when I was in treatment for cancer. I wish I could find more like these.
  3. My long Boho sundresses and glad that it’s finally warming up enough to wear them again.137133001

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