Favorite Place

When people talk about their favorite place, they usually mean a vacation place like Hawaii. I love being in Maui, but I don’t love the getting there. I’ve decided I’m not much of a traveler.

No, my favorite place is right where I am at this moment. Sitting at my computer desk, working on my computer, reading, writing, communicating, doing research, listen to music, all the while drinking a cup of tea… my favorite right now is Yogi Sweet Tangerine Tea 


I like using Amazon’s music feature as it includes music that I’ve bought and it’s easy to add to plus it’s easy to create specific playlists. Right now I’m listening to my August Playlist… that includes songs that I relate to as being hot summer music such as “Hot Fun in the Summertime” and “Summer Nights” from Grease and “Summer” by War, as starters. And since Woodstock took place August, a lot of songs are from that iconic festival. I had planned on going to Woodstock, but it was in New York and I was in Seattle and if I went I would have to kiss my brand new job goodbye. So my rational mind prevailed and I stayed home and worked.

Back to my favorite place… sitting here, I have view of the TV, which I mostly only use to watch the news. I have view of the large windows so I can see the bay outside my door. I have fun munchies within reach. I have two heaters on the days, or nights, when it gets chilly and that happens more often than, even in the summer time.

From this spot I have so many things I can do… learn a foreign language, create digital collage, and even play an online game; my favorite at the the moment is Pet City.


This is actually my third incarnation of this game. I started with Petville 10 years ago until they suddenly pulled the plug on all of the users, who were quite upset about it. I discovered Pet City, which was very similar, only with better graphics, about 2 years ago. When the news came that Adobe was discontinuing it’s flash player, which most games on Facebook uses, the developers of Pet City moved to a new platform. But due to the differences in platforms they couldn’t just migrate the game to the new one, they need to recreate the game from the beginning so now we have Pet City 2. The original Pet City will stop working at the end of August and all other games that use flash player will stop working by December of this year, if not sooner. I like this game because it’s creative, fun, friendly and relaxing.

Since my favorite place has everything I need and want, why go anywhere else?

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