TMI Tuesday: August 4, 2020

1. It’s okay if you don’t wear any _____ .

Panties. I never wear panties anymore, or a bra. I love the sense of freedom going commando gives me. I’m convinced that panties and bras were designed by sadist Dominants as torture devises, which is one reason they love them. IMHO.

2. What on earth are you here for?

To learn, to experience and to share.

3. What has been the best day of your life?

I had to think about this one as there were many, but the best is the day my son was born. I had lost three babies prior to that, including his brother the year before and was told I could never have children, so find something else to do with your life. And then my son was born, with his blue eyes open wide and taking in the world around him. I called him my “golden child”.

ChrisBirthMay281981 (2)

4. Are you ordinary or extraordinary? Why?

That depends on what context. Most things I am extraordinarily ordinary. A few things I am ordinarily extraordinary. Why? Only the universe can tell and it’s not talking.

5. How do you want to be described by your friends?

That she is curious and inquisitive and even when she has an answer she will search for more information. And that bugs the hell out of them.

Bonus: After a breakup, would you rather be alone or surrounded by friends?

I’m an introvert, so I would want to be left alone. But please be within emailing distance just in case.


TMI Tuesday


2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: August 4, 2020

  1. I loved reading about your miracle baby – brought tears to my eyes. This is a beautiful memory and certainly one of your best days ever.
    I am a Virgo – so nope, no friends gathered around me – I like being in charge of my own challenges and don’t need a myriad of advice or counsel from anyone. Not a group person at all.

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