Musically Ranting #6- Sleeping with the Musician

Using the prompt from Sleeping with Musician; this is number six and it looks like I need to go back and try to get caught up with one through five.

But this one says…

“I’m pretty sure we have all had a crush on at least one musician in our lifetime. I can think of a handful that I wouldn’t kick out of bed right now..haha. This reminds me of those folded-up posters in the teen magazines that you could tear out and it would become a wall hanging. Most of the people featured were actors but every now and then a musician would make an appearance.

The memory of those magazines is what brought forth the idea of the next prompt-

If you could sleep with one musician who would it be? Why would you pick that musician?”

I have two answers for this. The list is long of who I would like to sleep with, but since I can only have one, it would be Joe Elliot of Def Leppard. To me, he is simply delicious…

I have all of their albums… and love this song and how Joe Elliott looks singing it.

I have a video DVD of the history of the band. They said they were overwhelmed by all of the attention from girls and they took advantage of it all. They would have girls (and their mothers) in a room under the stage and the the girls (and their mothers) would all be naked and whenever the band took a break, they went down to the room where the naked women would give them blowjobs and then they would go back on stage.

ps… two others are Bret Michaels of Poison and Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles and Poco, oh, and Robert Plant of Led Zepplin… oh my… so many more.





I actually did sleep with a musician, although he wasn’t famous. He was in a band that did the Pacific Northwest club circuit. The name of the band was Burgundy Express and they played at Pier 70 (site of my story Holding On pt1), Golden Tides and Aquarius Tav/Parker’s Ballroom. They did record an album that I still have 45 years later.

Burgundy Express


5 thoughts on “Musically Ranting #6- Sleeping with the Musician

  1. Wow, what you describe of what Def Leppard said about having girls around the stage while performing…phew…I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed of such a scenario 😋
    I never knew that was really a thing. Thanks 😊


    1. The video of the band was very interesting to watch. I had heard stories about what the bands did… this just confirmed it.


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