TMI Tuesday: July 7, 2020

I’m back. A week without the Internet felt like a month. I had my cell phone, but it’s hard to do much on that. At least I could still be in touch with some people. So I’m especially happy to be able to do this week’s TMI.

1. What is the last song you sang?

“Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” by the Eurythmics. I’m fascinated by Annie Lennex in the video of this song. It’s very BDSM to me; “Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused”. I remember that an exercise class used this song in a routine and I always want to get up do that routine.

Another song that I listened to right after was Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. I love this song and video and I can listen to it over and over again. It also reminds me of BDSM, but more from a Domme’s perspective, which is a dark fantasy of mine.

2. What place are you longing to visit?

Places I’ve never been? Well, that leaves the choices wide open, but I have two at the top of my list; Paris, France and Kyoto, Japan. I also would love to spend some time in New York City, and go back to San Francisco and Maui.

3. Tell us about the last time you were insulted?

Actually it was someone who read my blog and then posted on her own about how “yucky” old people were and the things we eat. I hate to remind this sweet child that one day she will old too. I wonder how she will deal with young children making fun of her?

4. When was the last time you hung out with anyone not in your immediate household? What did you do?

Hung out? I’m pretty much homebound so it’s been years since I hung out with anyone. It was probably five years ago when I went to Seattle for a week and met up with some former school classmates. I went over the next year too. It was fun. But my disability has made it difficult to do again and Covid has made it impossible. Seattle has changed alot since I last lived there (20 years) and there were drive by shootings while I was there in an area that never use to have that problem. 

5. Fill in the blank: I spend a lot of hours _____ .

I spend a lot of hours reading, researching, writing and sharing. It’s pretty much my whole life.

Bonus: Which is worse–smelly feet or smelly breath?

Smelly breath! I mean it’s right there in your face?


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