Reminiscences: Musings in Memoir — Prompt #4: Run

photo of woman in gray spaghetti strap top and gray pants running beside concrete wall
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In my mind I see myself running… down a path, between trees, along a grassy patch, past some animals, onto a road, back the path. In my head I hear the song “Light My Fire” by The Doors. Since high school that song has been my running song and even now I can listen to it and feel myself running once again.

people doing marathon
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I ran track in high school… short sprints and hurdles but never thought of myself as a long distance runner. I only did that for myself… Running on the beach, on the path at Greenlake, amongst animals in display habitats at the zoo, and my favorite of running in Ravenna Park, all in Seattle.

In the 60’s, girls running track in high school wasn’t considered a sport, it was just a pastime for us to amuse ourselves. We couldn’t earn letters, only the boys could do that. Our equipment was the boy’s old castoffs, and usually broken. We were only allowed to use the track and gym after the boys were finished with it.

After high school, I stopped running, I don’t know why… I wish I could again. At this point, I would be happy to walk again.

But in my mind, I’m still a runner….







4 thoughts on “Reminiscences: Musings in Memoir — Prompt #4: Run

  1. My mother was in GAA. My grandmother was a PE teacher, coach, professional baseball player during WWII, and instigator of Title IX.

    I’ve heard many stories of broken equipment and boys’ cast-offs. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s no longer that way.

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    1. Title IX was one of the best things to happen for women’s sports. I’m glad those days are gone and I hope it stays that way.


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