Japanese Anime

I’m a fan of Japanese anime, especially Sailor Moon (I have 6 Sailor Moon dolls in my collection) and Tokyo Mew Mew so I’m glad to see they are still alive and well and getting new fans. Although I’ve never played the game Final Fantasy, I’ve followed the story and I’m a fan of Rinoa and Squall. Final Fantasy has long moved past version 8 and I’m not even sure if you can still play the game anymore. I even enjoy Hentai.
“On the surface, Sailor Moon appears to be a cutesy series about a girl with magical powers who becomes stronger after twirling in beautiful transformation sequences.
The series follows Usagi Tsukino, a clumsy 14-year-old who’s bad at math and is terrified of monsters. She’s also a reincarnated Sailor Senshi (or soldier), known as Sailor Moon, who’s tasked with leading a group of other Sailor Senshi to fight the aforementioned terrifying monsters. Though she doesn’t have the ideal skill set to battle evil, Usagi proves time and time again that, despite her fears, she will fight any foe, especially when her friends are in danger. She is an unlikely hero, but it’s Usagi’s vulnerabilities that make her so relatable to fans across the world; it’s what made her relatable to me. Before I watched Sailor Moon, I had been taught that you had to be fearless to be a hero, but Usagi showed me that being scared isn’t a flaw if you can be brave when it counts.
This anime series is also known for its portrayal of strong female friendships, especially among Usagi and members of her main crew: Ami (Sailor Mercury), Rei, Makoto, and Minako Aino (Sailor Venus). When Makoto showed up at Usagi’s school as the new girl with a bad reputation for fighting, it was Usagi who befriended her and accepted her for the great fighter and cook that she is. When Ami received an opportunity to study medicine in Germany, Usagi and the gang supported her decision and let her know that she would always be part of the team. Although Rei had a crush on the same guy as Usagi, they overcame it and remained friends.”

Tokyo Mew Mew

In Tokyo, Japan, a young girl named Ichigo Momomiya attends an endangered species exhibit with her “crush” Masaya Aoyama. After an earthquake, Ichigo and four other girls are bathed in a strange light. A cat appears before Ichigo, then merges with her. The next day, she begins acting like a cat and making cat puns. After meeting Ryô Shirogane and Keiichirô Akasaka, Ichigo learns that she was infused with the DNA of the Iriomote cat. Ryou and Keiichirou explain that this allows her to transform into Mew Ichigo, a powerful heroic cat girl. She is ordered to defeat Chimera Animas—alien parasites which infect animals and turn them into monsters. Ryou and Keiichirou instruct Ichigo to find the four other girls from the exhibit—the remaining Mew Mews.
The first Mew Mew Ichigo encounters is Minto Aizawa, a spoiled, wealthy girl and ballerina who is infused with the genes of the blue lorikeet;[n 1] Retasu Midorikawa, a shy but smart girl who endures constant bullying from three girls and absorbs the genes of the finless porpoise; a hyper and yet young girl named Bu-Ling Huang who receives the genes of the golden lion tamarin; and Zakuro Fujiwara, a professional actress and model infused with the genes of the gray wolf.”
In Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa Heartilly is the 17-year-old daughter of General Caraway, a high-ranking officer in the Galbadian army, and Julia Heartilly, a famous singer and former love interest of Laguna Loire. Throughout the game, she falls in love with the protagonist, Squall Leonhart. She has black hair with brown highlights and dark eyes. Outspoken, spirited, emotional, and honest with her feelings, she speaks her mind without reservation. Because of her ambition, she can often be stubborn.
And from Final Fantasy X, Yuna.
Hentai is erotic or pornographic Japanese anime. It tends to use exaggerated sized body parts, especially boobs and butts.

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