TMI Tuesday: April 28, 2020 The Utter Nonsense Edition

photo of woman using laptop
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1. So, what’s your typical work uniform if you are working from home?

It’s what I call Day Jammies… wide legged pants and a matching tee shirt. But I prefer to be naked.

2. Are you eating more _____ under coronavirus lock-down or self-quarantine? (choose all that apply)
a. prepared foods  

Meaning take out or curbside pick up? No….

b. fresh produce

I’d be lost without my daily salads… a mixed green salad, broccoli salad, fruit salad.

c. frozen food (veggies, entrees, pizzas, etc.)

I have to admit I’m going this route, especially Stouffer’s mac and cheese.

d. snacks foods (cookies, cakes, ice cream, chips, crackers, candy, etc.)

When I can get them. Seems to be really hard to find any goodies on Amazon Prime Pantry anymore, but when I can it’s Whippets chocolate covered marshmallow cookies and Little Debbie’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutty Bars. Chips wise I’m addicted to Veggie sticks with blue cheese dressing to dip into. Ice cream is Skinny Cows ice cream bars.

d. homemade soups, stews, casseroles

Not so much…

e. I’m just eating more…everything.

I’m actually eating less and have lost 20 pounds.

3. What are you planning to do?

Same old same old. My lifestyle really hasn’t changed that much. I’ve been homebound for 2 years now, I rarely go out. I’m an introvert who have everything I need at home, so why leave. I have my TV, desktop, laptop and cell phone plus a landline, so I can reach out as well as keeping up on what is going on. I have friends and neighbors who check up on me, but so far I haven’t needed much. So I will continue to do what I always do… read, research, learn, and write.

4. Picked up any new hobbies lately?

I’m learning more about apps that I didn’t have on my desktop like Zoom and TikTok so I’m having fun with that. I’ve gotten a bit more involved with Instagram. Can these be considered hobbies?

5. Would you rather be compelled to high five everyone you meet or be compelled to give wedgies to anyone in a green shirt?

High fives, please… I’m too scattered to have to keep track of people wearing green shirts.

Bonus: Would you rather live in virtual reality where you are all powerful or live in the real world and be able to go anywhere but not be able to interact with anyone or anything? A god in the machine or a ghost in the real world.

I’ll pick the ghost… it’s closest to what I’m already doing.


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