Holding On pt4

Semi-Erotic Fiction Based on True Events

Holding On pt3

I propped my head up with my hand so I could watch his face, his eyes were closed while I did a little teasing myself… I knew that sometimes anticipation was even more exciting than the expected, and that quick, light touches were often more tantalizing that just grabbing and jerking off. So, I again just touched the tip of his penis, pulled away and then circled the glans with one finger, and then lightly stroked the shaft with one finger and then two fingers. I could feel him shiver and could see his eyes fall back under his closed eyelids. I think he was more than enjoying this and I know I was.

I continued my kind of hit and run touching of his cock while watching the reaction on his face. I moved my hands down to his scrotum and cradled his balls, one at a time in my hand. He started to move his hips as if trying to get closer to my hand. I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers and went back again to stroking the tip, and around the glans and very lightly, up and down the shaft. I licked the tip of his dick and then wrapped my lips around the head… sliding up and down his length, licking and sucking, tasting his saltiness, smelling his musky scent, faster and faster, until I finally pulled away to catch a breath.


By now he couldn’t handle it anymore… he lunged forward and pushed me down on the bed, with hungry kisses and his hands at the back of my pants trying to undo the button and zipper, but not having much luck.

I pushed his body back from mine and got to my knees. I slowly, very slowly, pulled the tube top over my head revealing my breasts to him. He just watched with a smile on his face. Then I reached back and unbuttoned my pants and slowly unzipped the zipper. I knew he could hear it so I unzipped it as slow as I could. Doing the best striptease moves I could think of, I very, very slowly started to pull my pants down, but leaving my panties on. I got to my knees and rolled over to my back to continue taking them off, when it was obvious that David just couldn’t handle it anymore… Lust had taken over and he grabbed me from behind just as I had gotten the pants past my feet. One of his hands started to pull down my panties and his other arm was under me as we were lying on our sides, with his front to my back. His hand reached around until his fingers had slid under the front of my panties and he found my labia and then inside my vagina. This time I groaned and gasped. My panties were now down around my knees and I could feel his hard cock being pushed in between my legs and up into my pussy, along with one or two of fingers, while he kissed the back and sides of my neck. We rocked back and forth together, almost to the beat of the music playing in the background, and with each thrust I could feel him getting deeper and deeper inside of me and each time it felt better and better. The tempo of the music started to speed up and our movements kept perfect time with it. His other hand again found a breast and a nipple, fondling it and pulling on, also keeping perfect time with the music. Just when I didn’t think I could take anymore, I came, realizing how easily it was to achieve an orgasm, something very new for me. Just after I came, David wrapped his arms tight around me and pulled me even closer and with one massive thrust came too. I wanted him to stay right were he was, and never move, never pull out, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Soon, he was spent and collapsed on to his back, panting hard. One arm was still under me but he ran the other hand through his hair and sighed. I rolled to my back and kicked off my panties and rolled over to my other side so I could face him, and then put my head on his chest. The arm that had been around me came up around my back and he held me close to him, lightly stroking my back.

“Wow. I don’t know where you learned to do that, but I’m glad you did.”

I just smiled.


To be continued….

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