Prompt: Favorite place

I could say that my favorite places are Hawaii or San Francisco, and they are. But for the most part, my favorite place to be, is where I spend 12 hours a day; at home on my computer.


I have everything I need here. I’m close to the kitchen and bathroom. You can’t see it, but I have a great view straight ahead out a huge window. The downside of that is that there is bright sunshine in my eyes on sunny days, which is why the Japanese paper parasol is there. Without that, the sun would blind me and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

I also have a view of the TV on the rare occasions I choose to watch it. Usually it’s news, occasionally, or something I’ve recorded on the DVR. Right now, that’s Deep Space Nine. I watch that while doing my air compression boots treatment.

My computer is my whole life and I admit I’m addicted to it. I actually go through withdrawal when it’s not working. Fortunately, I now have a laptop for back up and my Samsung cell phone for back up back up. But I’d rather be addicted to this than some other vices like gambling or drugs. The drug thing I’ve already done and I have no desire to go back to it.

My computer is my education, entertainment and social life all rolled into one. I spend a lot of time reading and doing research. I have a Kindle app on my desktop to read books. I listen to a variety of music. I play games. I keep up with the news. I interact with people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites, including this blog. I learn new things and how to do new things. Right now I’m learning the Dutch language. I read newspapers from other parts of the world along with the variety of blogs everywhere. Since it’s difficult for me to travel, this allows me to learn more about others that I can’t learn any other way.

I study history and do genealogy research. I study science and religion. I study sex and sexuality and TMI… I have my vibrator in the bottom drawer for whenever the mood strikes. And with some of the blogs that I follow, that’s a lot more often than you might guess.

I have two heaters here to keep me warm. A cup warmer to keep my tea hot. Two telephones… a landline and my cell. Too many piles of papers.

I tend to be an introvert, so staying home and working this way appeals me to more than almost anything I could do. All I really need is to be able to have food delivery from my favorite Chinese places, and once I get moved to town, that should be doable.


3 thoughts on “Prompt: Favorite place

  1. Yes, under the circumstances, staying home probably is the best solution. I am so suppose to go to Seattle in a couple of weeks to see a doctor at the U of W but I think I’m going to postpone. I was just reading how many events this virus is going to disrupt, like weddings and graduations and high school reunions.


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