January Jumpstart: Jan 23: Six Favorite Things TMI Version

  1. Clothespins. I noticed this was a topic prompt on a lot of the sex/BDSM blogs. Those blog posts were what prompted this blog post. There is something about clothespins. Yes, they are very helpful with hanging wet clothing on a clothesline to dry (does anyone do that anymore?). They also work very well for closing a bag of potato chips. But after being introduced to them as a sex toy, that’s my first thought when I see a picture or reference to clothespins. Such a simple little device, but it can created such strong feelings of arousal. Pinning them on to nipples or labia, especially at the direction of another person is so highly erotic to me. Some people say they are less painful than nipple clamps, but I actually find clothespins much more painful. But they are much more versatile than nipple clamps and maybe that’s part of the appeal. If you would like to read what others have said about this tiny little torture device, click on these links: https://violetfawkes.com/2020/01/19/i-fucking-love-clothespins/ https://deviantsuccubus.com/2020/01/clothespins-and-pain-play/ https://mollysdailykiss.com/2020/01/22/clothes-pegs/

2. Bidet. I recently added a bidet to my toilet. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this, but it is wonderful!! It not only gets me “cleaner” and it feels so good, but it is kind of erotic too. I have played around with various kinds butt plugs and water shooting up my ass is almost as arousing as the butt plugs.


3. Handcuffs. There is something about being cuffed with my hands behind my back that really gets me going. Unfortunately, due to trust issues, I could never just give someone the key and trust they would take care of any problems should they arise. I would need to know that I could get out of them on my own. But I fantasize about it anyway.

4. Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. This is the song I masturbate to the most. It’s gotten so just listening to it can make me cum at various parts of the song, it’s that powerful for me.

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

5. And what do I use when I masturbate? My beloved Hitachi vibe. I have several other vibrators but I tend to always go back to this one. It’s almost always a guarantee that I will have an orgasm using this one.

6. Pussy Shot. This was a big one for me. For most of the first part of my life, I was bombarded with the messages of not to touch yourself, not to look at yourself. Now this caused a lot of problems the first time I breastfeed my child. I was so freaked out about not touching my breasts and nipples so I didn’t. Because I didn’t prepare my nipples for nursing, I suffered greatly. That was the first time I really got angry at those damn ingrained religious teachings. The second was after birth when I decided to use tampons instead of pads. Yes, I waited that long, because, again I was too freaked out to touch myself between my legs, even to insert a tampon. And of course, I never masturbated because “good girls don’t do those kinds of things”. And of course, I never had an orgasm because most of the men I had been with couldn’t have cared less if I did. I was 60 before I orgasmed for the first time and it’s only been during masturbation, which, yes, I do on a regular basis now. But the ultimate taboo was looking at your own pussy. In fact, you were told to never let anyone else look at it either. They could touch it, in the dark and under covers, and fuck you, but you don’t let them see it!!! Finally, morbid curiosity got the better of me, after I started masturbating and cumming I wondered, ‘what did IT look like’? I remember reading about parties where women were encouraged to drop their drawers and get out a mirror and sit cross legged, and look at their own vulva. So I decided, why not.. it was in the privacy of my own bedroom. No one else would see, no one else would know. So I looked. At first I thought it was the ugliest thing around and I put away the mirror. The second time I looked was a bit disappointed, is that all it is? What the fuck was the big deal??? The third time I looked I, I was worried… I looked deformed!! I certainly didn’t look like other cunts I saw online… what the hell was wrong with me? And then I read something that said all vulvas were different… different sizes, different shapes, different colors, different kinds of lips, different symmetries. I was able to relax and appreciate my pussy for the first time. I experimented a bit and spread the lips apart and found my clitoris and I was so thrilled with myself. I took a picture of pussy and wondered why we never learned these things in sex education classes. And then I realized it’s because we didn’t actually have sex education classes, we had a glorified Kotex commercial instead. Fifty years later, kids still are not learning these things. And should be.

5 thoughts on “January Jumpstart: Jan 23: Six Favorite Things TMI Version

  1. Great post. I guess (I hope) it might be different nowadays, but women weren’t encouraged to learn about their bodies. I think there is such power and, potentially, love of self that can come from looking and appreciating our vaginas. I found myself smiling wryly at your comment that the men you’d had sex with didn’t care if you came or not. Yep, been there! When I first started having sex as a young woman, I couldn’t understand the fuss!


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