January Jumpstart Jan 11 I Got Nothing

Today I had absolutely no ambition to write anything at all. I looked at my list of prompts of what to write today, and nothing jumped out at me.

And, for once, my lack of ambition is not from being in pain. Today, my pain level is very low and that feels great. I haven’t had to take any pain meds or use my CBD cream.

It was a very low key day and maybe that’s why I feel good… no pressure to do anything at all. I slept later than normal and maybe the extra sleep helped.

I made a big bowl of cold noodle salad.

I finally found the Wi-fi password for my new phone and laptop, but that’s as far as I got.

I watched the last DVD of the Harry Potter movie series and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had just finished reading the entire series of books again and realized I had forgotten so much from the first time I read it.

I played games on Facebook.

A lovely, slow, quiet day all around. Maybe I should do that more often.

We have a snow storm coming in, or so they say. I live in a tiny town in the northwest corner of Washington state and we rarely get rain, let alone snow. We are called the banana belt of the state; in the rain shadow and it usually protects us from this kind of thing.

So, if it really does snow…. maybe I’ll a few more slow, quiet days.

2 thoughts on “January Jumpstart Jan 11 I Got Nothing

  1. I do too… they don’t happen very often. No snow yet, but you can tell by the sky that the weather is changing.


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