66 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

1. Say it with flowers (have flowers delivered, flowers from your own garden, flower seeds)
2. Nourish (cookies, a casserole, take out)
3. Create memories (journal, photos, scrapbook)
4. Express your love (letters, candy, flowers)
5. Speak up
6. Be corny (leave notes for your kids ~ ‘I love you’ or ‘Ha, ha, you’re in school and I’m not.’)
7. Do something unexpected
8. Bake an extra batch
9. Listen
10. Encourage sharing
11. Smile
12. Babysit
13. Do for those who can’t
14. Use snail mail (An old-fashioned card or letter really makes someone’s day)
15. Flatter
16. Be Sappy
17. Heal
18. Break convention (send a card, pictures, newspaper clippings, just ‘because’)
19. Give light (make or buy candles for people)
20. Wave
21. Lend a hand
22. Offer an unexpected treat
23. Share a story
24. Close the distance (call or e-mail)
25. Spare a dime
26. Mend a broken heart
27. Pamper
28. Present a pick-me-up
29. Celebrate
30. Be there
31. Joke where it’s least expected
32. Straighten up
33. Break the so-called rules
34. Mix up some music (make mix tapes for friends; include songs with a special theme)
35. Call just because
36. Reconnect
37. Trust the smallest gestures
38. Show interest (tear out articles from magazines or newspapers that you think your friends and family will like)
39. Check in
40. Hold a door
41. Say thanks
42. Say “we miss you”
43. Reminisce
44. Commend a job well done
45. Be grateful (create a daily journal for someone telling them why you are grateful they are in your life)
46. Sing a song
47. Be a friend
48. Spread goofiness
49. Say it with chocolate
50. Pay attention
51. Make ’em laugh
52. Initiate applause
53. Craft
54. Remember
55. Create
56. Satisfy a craving
57. Nurture on a whim
58. Come to the rescue
59. Be an angel
60. Send a good thought
61. Read aloud
62. Write a note
63. Keep in touch
64. Go one-on-one
65. Hug
66. Say “I love you”

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