1. Can you handle the truth?

Yes, I’d much rather have the truth than be kept in the dark. Even worse is when someone thinks they are trying to “protect” me. I maybe not agree with someone else’s version of the truth, I might even get angry. But I will try to listen.
2. A couple of October holidays are coming up. Do you participate in Halloween or Dia de los Muertos? How?

Mostly Halloween although as a Humanist Pagan, I tend to celebrate Samhain instead.
3. Do your parents/parent like your significant other?

Yes, my parents liked him a lot. My father was glad there was someone to take care of me. Yes, my father is a bit of a misogynist, even at age 90
4. Right now! What do you need most love or validation?

Oh, without a doubt, validation!! I need to know that my life counts for something. An object can be loved and I don’t need that.
5. You are singing in the shower. What song do you want to belt out?

If I sang in the shower, my tile would crack. No, I only sing with the music is at full blast so no one can actually hear me. What song do I want to sing? It changes daily, but right now it’s “Stairway to Heaven”. Although I do have “This is Halloween” as an earworm.

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