Better Brains

I became interested in learning about the brain when I was diagnosed with ADHD-inattentive in 1997. I wanted to know more about this disorder and how it affected my life. It was the same thing when I became addicted to prescription drugs… I wanted to know why and what to do about it. And then when I started studying human sexuality, it was the same thing. Why? How? A lot of people don’t understand the simple fact that sex starts in the brain. Since that first interest, I’ve learned how the brain affects the different challenges I’ve had… trauma, grief, depression, anxiety.

I am reading a book called Hardwiring Happiness about the many things we each can do to change certain ideas and behaviors. Too many people insist that “this is the way I am and I can’t change”. This is not true. This is the way you “may” be and you choose to not change, and that’s the big difference.

There are many ways to change your brain, your attitudes (and sometimes those attitudes if just take control of your life and accepting what is) and your life… studying and reading about your challenges and how they affect your brain is the first,as well as how the brain works. Others including meditation, physical interaction with others (such as hugs), random acts of kindness, volunteering, showing compassion, learning about others (cultures, lifestyle, religion, history), all things mentioned in the following 18 minute video. Other things that I’ve found that help are massage, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, and biofeedback. One fun way of doing biofeedback is using a “game” called the Wild Divine. It’s basically play with a purpose. Non-violent multi player online games can kind of do the same thing.

There are many ways to rewire your brain so that you can learn better and feel better. You don’t need to suffer just because you think this is the way I’ve always been. Everyone can learn and everyone can change. Yes, it will take some time and effort, but it’s worth it. Believe me, I know this first hand.

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