If You Have Could Dinner with Anyone Who Died, Who and What Would You Serve?

This is an easy prompt for me to answer. The three most important women in my life; my daughter, my mother and my grandmother.

My grandmother died in 1978, and she was one of the most influential for me… she taught me about genealogy and left all of her research as well as family photos to me when she died. She taught me about the love of cameras and taking pictures. And how to appreciate a nice cup of tea. I still drink Lipton’s orange pekoe black tea in her memory.

My daughter died at the age of 16 in the year 2000. I remember saying at the time that she crammed 50 years of living in 16 short years. She was a dancer. She battled bipolar disorder. She loved learning and trying new things.

My mother died in 2013 from Alzheimer’s. She was a beautiful lady, although I’m sure she was much more emotionally tortured than I ever realized. But she saw beauty much the same way she invoked it. She taught me the joy of crafts and cooking.

So what would dinner be like with these three, and with me, being four generations of a direct line of women in the same family.

The table would have a white tablecloth over the top and cloth napkins. A flower centerpiece of large blooms, perhaps my grandmother’s prize rhodies.

Dinner would be Grandma’s Fried Chicken, Mom’s Macaroni and Cheese, My Broccoli Salad, Blueberry Muffins and French Apple Pie (for Grandma and Mom) and Mocha Cheesecake (for my Daughter).

What would we talk about? The old days and old stories and old memories that would leave all four of us tears of laughter.



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