Rape and Suicide

I read something last night that pissed me off so badly, I had a hard time sleeping.

It was a discussion about rape scenes and suicide scenes in movies and one person insisted that these scenes help to “educate” people. That is such total bullshit.

These scenes are there for one reason only… to illicit an emotional response, not to educate anyone. They are the director’s interpretation of the words of the script and can go in any direction and it might not be a good one.

In fact, it’s due to suicide scenes in movies and TV shows that makes a lot of people believe suicide is the easy way out. And they do think it will be easy. My husband attempted suicide by slicing his wrists due to these kinds of scenes. He believed that all you had to do was sit in a tub of water, cut your wrists and drift off into a never ending sleep. He wasn’t counting on the pain. And it hurt like hell! I have no doubt that suicide by any other method is also as painful (if not more) but in many cases it’s too late to do anything about it. Studies have shown that people often are prompted to take or attempt to take their own lives after watching it in a movie or on a TV show.

As far as rape scenes, for some men (and possibly some women), watching a rape scene in a movie is a fantasy for them and they often masturbate while watching, not only at home, but at a movie theater as well.

There are men who believe that rape is just another word for sex, including way too many elected officials. There are men who believe that rape should be legal and that they, as men, are entitled to sex whenever, where ever, and from whom ever they wish… because that’s what women (or weaker men and children) are for.

While watching a movie can be a good start to learning more about a topic, becoming “educated” about rape or suicide from a movie is like becoming educated by watching Fox news.

If you want to be educated about the topic, do some research and read articles and books written about survivors of both rape and suicide. Read more than one so you can get an idea of the feelings, ideas, thoughts and triggers that happen to victims who go on to be survivors. Read books written by men and women who are rapists and sexual abusers who finally understand their own heads so you can get an idea of their mindset.

But the real education will only come with helping to change attitudes. Rape is not an entitlement that someone who is more powerful has a right to. Suicide is not an easy answer, it’s a long term solution to a short term problem.

But in order to get help for everyone who has to endure these issues, we need to make human rights a priority.. no matter what gender, race, sexual identity, age, size and ability.

We need to teach proper sex education to everyone that includes not only the mechanics of sex, but relationship and communication skills as well as respect and consent.

We need to provide good mental health care to everyone, starting when people are children, and those who are suffering shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get it.

Too often people don’t get mental health care until a crisis hits like a suicide attempt. And for too many, that’s too late.

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